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The tasks of the Equal Opportunities Commissioner are mainly governed by the Hessian Equal Opportunities Act and the Hessian Municipal Code as amended and include for example:

  • Participation in, and development and updating of the equal opportunities plan for women working in the municipal administration department
  • Implementation of equal opportunities measures in apprenticeship allocation
  • Job advertisements
  • Job interviews
  • Selection decisions
  • Personnel development
  • Committees
  • Work conditions, part-time employment and holiday entitlements
  • Providing employees with information on relevant statutory provisions, court rulings, etc. concerning gender equality issues
  • Co-operation with women’s groups, associations and initiatives
  • Liaison with official authorities (such as the vocational counselling department, pension scheme advice centre, see list) and contact person for personal matters

The objective is to work towards gender equality in the public sector and participate in countering underrepresentation of women.

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