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registry office of births, marriages and deaths

Welcome to the website of the Aartal Registry Office in Taunusstein.

On the following pages, we want to provide you with important information to be observed for the use of services offered by the Registry Office.

As hardly any other institution, the Registry Office accompanies citizens throughout life from birth to death. Marriages, naturalisations and name changes complete the picture.

What can I get done at the Registry Office?

  • Marriages
  • Civil partnerships
  • Application for documents (Birth Certificates / International Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates / International Marriage Certificates, Civil Partnership Certificates, Death Certificates / International Death Certificates, Certified Copies from the Birth, Marriage and Death Registers, Certified Register Printouts, Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage)
  • Acknowledgement of paternity / maternity
  • First name changes under public law
  • Surname changes under public law
  • Registration of births
  • Registration of deaths
  • Subsequent registration of civil status events that occurred abroad (marriages, civil partnerships, births and deaths)
  • Recognition of foreign final divorce decrees
  • Special registrations:
  • Choice of married name upon marriage / civil partnership (declaration on married name upon marriage / civil partnership, double-barrelled names with birth name attached in front of or after the married name, and revocation of such declaration, resumption of an earlier surname after dissolution of the marriage / civil partnership)
  • Choice of surname for a child (choice of birth name if parents do not have a common family name or are not married to each other; bestowing a family name upon the child)
  • Choice of name for displaced persons and ethnic German repatriates (giving up the father’s name, adoption of the German-language form of first name and surname)
  • Name adaptation declarations
  • Naturalisations (only for the Taunusstein area)
  • Declaration of secession from the Church (only for the Taunusstein area)

Certificates of civil status events (birth, marriage, death) that occurred in Taunusstein and Hohenstein can be applied for electronically here.




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