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As life and Taunusstein are simply wonderful, there is always a reason to celebrate or pursue a recreational or leisure activity. We, of course, benefit from our location in a spectacular surrounding countryside.

Kilometres of hiking trails and cycle paths, including the Aartalradweg, Aar-Höhenweg, and Taunussteiner Runde (42km), invite you to spend your time in splendid nature. Such excursions can be combined with interesting places to visit in Taunusstein or the surrounding area, for example, the Limes-Rundwanderweg (Limes Circular Hiking Trail) in Orlen, the Taunus-Wunderland Amusement Park, which is very popular among families, the ‘Hofgut Georgenthal’ Hideaway or the Pheasantry half way down to Wiesbaden.

However, you do not actually need to ‘leave’ Taunusstein to enjoy yourself. Numerous festivals and events during the year show how much Taunusstein inhabitants enjoy celebrating and socialising. The ‘Fahr zur Aar‘ Festival, the Wine Festival in  Kerben, the ViTa Vitales Trade Fair in Taunusstein, our Tiga Industry and Trade Exhibition and numerous Christmas markets prove that.

And as there is no place like home and it is something very special to have an open-air swimming pool in your town, the swimming pool was completely modernised in 2010 and now shines in new splendour with new attractions for pure swimming fun!

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