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Dear Citizens,
Taunusstein Town Council has compiled much information and many service offers for you on this home page. We are also continuously extending the electronic administration service offers – keyword e-government.
I, in my capacity as Mayer, work together with about 350 civil servants and the municipal utilities and the honorary representatives of the municipal bodies to ensure a positive, safe and dynamic further development of our community.
In the pursuit of this objective, the expansion of an efficient broadband network, urban developments for residential and commercial building construction and the maintenance of our infrastructure play a major role, and at the same time we want to remain the trailblazer of the region in important future social issues such as tackling the demographic change where we have already proven our competence by being awarded the ‘Child-Friendly Community’ seal and by establishing the ‘Growing Older’ Coordination Centre.
These are all topics that concern you as a citizen because they directly affect our social environment. Please get in touch with us if you have any ideas, suggestions or requests for improvement. I look forward to shaping and further developing our Taunusstein town in a sensible and pragmatic way jointly with you.
Kind regards,

Stadt Taunusstein
Stadtwerke Taunusstein