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The museum is closed on public holidays that fall on a Tuesday or Wednesday.


Our address:
Weiherstr. 6
65232 Taunusstein-Wehen
Tel: 06128/968696
E-mail: museum@taunusstein.de

Admission is free.


Wehener Schloss (Wehen Castle)…
was built around 1330 at the instigation of Count Gerlach I. of Nassau-Weilburg. Today, it has a rational Baroque style look that was widespread in Nassau from the beginning to the middle of the 18th century.  In its eventful history, the castle served as a count’s residence, a widow’s residence, an official residence, a hunting lodge, asylum-seeker accommodation and private home. Wehen Castle has accommodated the Taunusstein Museum since 1995.


The Museum in Wehen Castle…
features a two-track programme throughout the year. The two main exhibition areas are regional history covered by the permanent exhibition and contemporary art covered by temporary exhibitions. The Heritage Open Door Day (Tag des offenen Denkmals) and the Creative Children’s Workshop (KinderKreativKiste) complete the programme.


The barber, the cane, the cooking-box …
highlight the history of Taunusstein and the region with five separate exhibition stations. The furnishing of the Gerhard Barber’s Shop of the 1930’s, the public announcement bells (Ortsschellen) and the cooking utensils made of aircraft aluminium and used after 1945 in times of shortage (Kochkiste) and the 19th century class room are contemporary testimonies and illustrate the daily life in the village. The question of how Taunusstein got its name is also incidentally explained.


The arts series in the castle…
offers aspects of contemporary art for discussion with its temporary exhibitions in Taunusstein. Special value is placed on the illustration of completed work stages and processes.


The Wehen Castle Museum Friends’ Asssociation (Förderverein Museum im Wehener Schloss e. V). …
was founded in 2011. The objective of the non-profit association is the maintenance and support of the town museum situated in the Wehen Castle through financial contributions (membership fees, donations) and non-financial support (public relations). Its funds are used on a project basis in accordance with the articles of association.

The members of the Friends’ Association want to preserve a place of identification for all Taunusstein citizens and thus maintain a cultural centre for the young and old.

The minimum membership contribution is EUR 12.00 per year.

Contact: Marita Schleich (Chairman),
Tel.: 06128.86186, E-mail: maritaschleich@gmx.net.

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